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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Return of Grunge Bathroom: Part 4

Author of Post: Captain Rara

Grunge Bathroom is nearing it's end. This will be the final post on grunge bathroom for awhile. The project itself started way back in February, with the intention of actually applying for an internship. But as many people know, life tends to get in the way. 

It was a learning experience to say the least. Laura did the modeling and a good majority of the texturing, while I did some texturing and all of the lighting. The final plan for the scene was to do a fly-through of the bathroom, but animation isn't really my forte. I'll probably go back at some other point in my lifetime and re-do a lot of the lighting. 

I'm starting to get a better understanding of lighting but it'll be a long time before I really truly understand a lot of the mechanics of it. 

I stuck mostly with maya lights, but I experimented some with the mental ray lights.
So for now he's a render.