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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And So Life Goes On...

Author of Post: Captain Rara

The Game Developers Conference has come and gone. Nearly 3 months past and with college graduation over, it's a longtime overdue that this blog be updated. While the previous project [Grungy Bathroom] has yet to be completed, it's still on the to-do list of both mine as well as Miss Jolly.

However, it currently isn't a priority as of right now. We both have a variety of other projects in the works and once we find a routine in both our lives we'll have a chance to finally finish grungy bathroom.

The first of five projects I'll be working on is a lighting challenge render from 3D Render.

Texturing and Lighting are going to be the focus of this particular project.

I've started off by just placing base colors and implementing a simple spot light. With the colors in place and the spot light acting as my Key Light, I'll to get an idea what I'd like my shadows to look like and how I want the overall image to feel like. Below is a WIP! So while viewing, keep in mind that this scene is far from done.

Harsh Shadows Galore! <3
On a side note... Holy Crap! That orange has far too many polygons.

I'll keep posting progress updates as I make more progress. Ha! That was repetitive. =p

Till Then!