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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Author of Post: Miss Jolly

Author of Post: Miss Jolly

Hello! I apologize for my abscense, but I'm really excited to share what I've done in the past six months. 

During the GDC, both Rachel and I got a lot of good feedback on Grungy Bathroom. But almost immediately after GDC, I was given the opportunity to take an art test for a start up company. I was completely distracted from Grungy Bathroom, and to Captain Rara I apologize sincerely. :(  This start up was a result of my roommate and his uncle combining their talents to create a company made up of Chico graduates. The art test consisted of several parts, but my favorite (and all consuming) part of the test was the pixel art. There were five images requested. A tree, a sheild, a chest, a bottle and a sword. 

I started with the tree, due to the fact that best tutorials I could find were all foliage based. This took more than a few hours, but I was really happy to be doing such a zen art form. This also lead to me taking much longer on small things. Like leaves.

Next I tried the shield. I continue to use really dark outlines which is pretty consistent with my drawing style as well. I used some basic texturing practices with the design and stone on this piece.

This bottle was probably the most exciting one to work on out of all the pixel pieces. Trying to make little squares into a round shape is all kinds of fun. Tutorials were very useful in the making of this one.

I had to use some references, but I think the shading is a little off.  I watched a lot of Bones doing this one,

This is my favorite one. I love horror movies and I love gore so I decided to do some sort of demon living blade thing. I'd like to animate the heart beating some day. 

After the pixel part of the test, I was asked to do a UI for the game of Tetris. 

Now, I'm a big sucker for rust and grunge. I decided to play to what I know, (Which is grunge, if you couldn't tell. :) ) and do a rusted down machine look. I really enjoy combining photo textures with photo realistic painting. Coincidentally, I had been obsessed with Tetris the entire time I was taking the test. I would literally start to dream about falling blocks. 

After completing the UI, I was fortunate enough to get the job. The day after I graduated CSU Chico, I moved from Chico to Santa Barbara CA. Since June, I've been working full time for Techtonic Games

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